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Catalizer is a web app for quickly building up training data and training text classification models

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App Features

No ML knowledge

Requires no prior knowledge of Machine Learning/AI to build and train models.

Save time

Quickly build up training data for text classifiers.

Category hierarchy

Easily create category structures and add training data.

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop categories to rearrange categories in the hierarchy.

Any Language

Create classifiers for any human language.

Instant feedback

Get instant feedback on how your classifier is performing.


Frequently Ask Questions

What classification models can be trained?

At the moment only fastText is supported, but with a Business plan or above you can export the training data and train your own models.

Classification models are trained using fastText and are language independent and should work with most human languages.

Everything is done through the browser! Once you have added some training data you can click the "Train Model" button and the model will be trained within minutes.

You can download the trainied fastText model and use integrate it in your own pipeline or access it through the simple Catalyzer API interface.

We can help you to connect to our archive of around 40 million news articles in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Portuguese.

In addition to that you can import content as training data from almost any website. Get in touch with us to find how we can help.

If you have any problems, please don't hesitate to contact us at hi@web64.com

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Contact us for a demo: hi@web64.com